Children’s book now published:
The actual adventure of the river pirates is about “invisible water pollution”

Children love reading. Or being read to. In any case good stories. The story about micropollutants and how pharmaceutical residues get into the water cycle is now being published in a children’s book: The 16-pages minibook from Thorsten Trelenberg “On tour with the River Pirates – invisible water pollution” illustrates the issue with great pictures from Birgitta Nicolas. The water boards Emschergenossenschaft and Lippeverband have developed the book in the framework of the noPILLS project. It is translated in many languages for the children in the neighbouring EU countries.

The book is available in 8 languages.

Would you like to accompany the River Pirates at their adventure? Please click on the minibook in your chosen language:

The minibooks are also available as download:

We wish to you in any case lots of fun while reading, reading out and jointly looking at the pictures!