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Final Report 
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Project information

Press articles
20141201 press release PP4_investment_DE
201409_noPills RegionalReview_EN
201312_staff journal EmscherundLippe_DE
20130702_press release EU parliament_watch list_DE
20130702_press release EU parliament_watch list_EN
20130702_press release EU parliament_watch list_FR
20130702_press release EU parliament_watch list_NL
20130704_EU Parliament_new-chemicals-pharmaceutic_EN

Press / Publicity noPILLS in Glasgow

20130416_BBC News_University studies drug residue pollution in water_EN
20130422_Evening Times_study to cut drugs in waste water_EN
20130422_press release_study to cut drugs in waste water_EN

Press / Publicity noPILLS in Gelsenkirchen

Broshure for medical staff_DE

Press / Publicity noPILLS in Luxembourg


Press / Publicity noPILLS in Dülmen

Project information
DSADS_project information_DE

Press articles
20150814_press release DSADS final event_DE
20150401_press release 2nd pharmacy campaign_DE
20140325_press release pharmacy campaign_DE
201312_DWA-Landesverband NRW_klar_no27_DE
201312_Lippeverband internal report_DE
20130816_press articles guided tour at WWTP Dülmen_DE
20130629_Dülmen_pharmaceuticals in Tiberbach_DE
20130626_press release_micropollutants in Tiberbach DE
20130422_Münsterländische Zeitung kickoff Dülmen_DE
20130419_Press articles Dülmen diverse DE
20130417_WN Westfalen pharmaceutical residues in water_DE
20130417_Westfälische Nachrichten pharmaceutical residues in water_DE
20130416_WDR 2 waste water without pharmaceutical residues_DE
20130410_press release_Dülmen_kickoff_DE
20130410_Dülmener Zeitung_pharmaceutical residues in waterDE
20130321_press release_Dülmen_world water day_DE

Press / Publicity of previous PILLS project

The completed INTERREG IV B project PILLS has brought up essential results on which the actual noPILLS project builds upon. As related press and publicity might be of interest for you, we like to provide you also with information of the PILLS project:


Some film sequences of the pilot poject in Gelsenkirchen, DE: (shows pictures from WWTP Marienhospital Gelsenkirchen, DE, and interview with project manager Dr. Issa Nafo) (gives information around WWTP Marienhospital Gelsenkirchen, DE) (shows different project approaches around tracking the micropollutants) (shows interview with project manager Dr. Issa Nafo at a Conference of the Institute for Underground Infrastrukture, Gelsenkirchen, DE) (shows film about „Chemicals in water“ at the TV channel ARTE)


For more information, please see also: