The targets of the noPILLS partner activities are focussed on the following:

> Joint measures complementing EU environmental policy and legislation (here: Water Framework Directive), besides equally good living conditions and environment quality the protection of water related species and enhancing biodiversity

> Promotion of responsible production and consumption patterns in all economic sectors and society at large, through joint awareness-raising measures, integrated concepts and action plans regarding the responsibility of every human for water quality and biodiversity

> Transnational actions to promote eco-innovation, improved management tools for green technologies, lifecycle thinking and cleaner production processes (e.g `green pharmacy´ support)

> Joint actions to assist businesses in integrating/implementing innovative products, processes and services in their activities, here on the one hand technological improvements in waste water treatment techniques and on the other hand in pharmaceutical industries

The noPILLS partners identified 3 fields they concentrate their work on:

1) Awareness raising
campaigns on sub catchment levels; advising campaigns for target groups `hospitals/clinicians´, `doctors/pharmacists´, `broad public´, `stakeholders/decision makers´; development of communication tools, data dissemination via blogs, apps or social networks to address especially younger people
2) Demonstration tools
existing pills facilities in Germany and Luxembourg and additional considered treatment facilities in the partner countries: monitoring, improving & adapting
3) Impact assessment
– are there significant changes measurable regarding load

> at hospitals discharge before & after information and advising campaigns

> in the catchments before & after advising and information campaigns and what conclusions and recommendations can be drawn for strategic approaches or technical solutions?

All partner activities in the regions are presented by the partners themselves on the project related pages of this Internet performance.